Authentic. Efficient. Inspiring.

About Us

A fun language website with a serious mission. produces authentic language videos based on the themes you have to teach, so you don’t waste your time searching for them online.

Use better language videos

Since we started in 2011 our idea has always been to create better language videos for schools. How do we achieve this?

We only film young non-actors in the target language and we don’t script what they say.

That’s what we mean by authenticity. And that’s why students prefer our videos to anyone else’s; because they show real people speaking in an entirely normal and natural way. TIL’s magic is to make sure that all 5000+ videos fit into the themes you have to teach.

Motivate your students

We create academically rigorous exercises based on our authentic video content, all checked by experienced language teachers.

Our content covers both productive and receptive language material as well as vocab and grammar.

What’s the next step? Through games, points, competition and leaderboards we make sure that your students stay inspired and motivated throughout.

Save teachers time

We were founded by a language teacher, so saving teachers time has always been one of our guiding principles. How do we do this?

By putting loads of awesome, relevant language content in one place, we make sure you don’t have to spend hours searching for it online or worrying about whether the “OK” language video you’ve found on YouTube is actually going to be suitable for your class.

Monitoring student progress is really easy. Oh, and almost all of our exercises are automatically marked/graded, which means less time spent sitting in front of a stack of exercise books!